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Monky protects the blockchain

A german Cardano stake pool

Welcome to consensusMONKY, a secure, reliable and transparent Cardano stake pool. We are one of many, that increases the overall Shelley network security. For a free, open and reliable financial network, we know that availability is needed as a foundation in an ever more interconnected world and economy. A benefit of running our node is, that it's running by renewable energy e.g. our own solar panels. POS doesn't need that much energy as POW anyway but it would be nice to get a maximium of environmentally friendly consensus in the future, yet.
Our main pool is located in Germany and is connected with other nodes in the US and in Australia. More will come during the main net.

As a professional software engineer and a cardano enthusiast since August 2017, I'm offering you a stake pool with german reliability and 24/7 support. Cardano is the beginning of a new financial era which gives back the independence of money control. By staking your coins on [MONKY], you increase the value of a common consensus for all network transactions. With every new generated block by our pool, you will also get rewarded. The reward depends on your amount of stake in relation to the total staked ada on monky. The information about our pledge amount will be released on main net.

My Name is Phillip and I live near Stuttgart Germany. I'm an undergraduate as a software engineer especially for UX. I'm doing my masters degree in intra & entrepreneurship at Stuttgart University right now.

Monky is the foundation of a german crypto platform. I am currently engaged in learning Plutus and Marlowe to provide smart contract services and general crypto support when shelley is released.

As you know the world of crypto is quite complex and needs a lot of experience to use them nowadays, I'm also planning a German YouTube channel, that will provide you simple information about crypto and best practices. We need to help people where to buy, how to secure their assets and how to stake. Because you need to do it on your own it's more and more important.

If you have any further questions please don't hesitate and contact me.

Thank you for your support and the possibility to take part at the consensus. Without your delegation, the network would not be that secure and more decentralized at all.

environmentally friendly node

reliable work and support

1Gbit up/down 24/7
On the ITN we had produced over 1200 lifetime blocks and paid over 
1.2 Million ADA
rewards to our delegators

Pool specs:
Our nodes are running on the following system:
• AMD Ryzen 5 3600 (6 x 3,6 GHZ)
• 500GB SSD
• Ubuntu 20.04

The infrastructure is steadily optimized to guarantee an uptime of nearly 99.9%.

Proud Member of ISPPA:

ISPPA provides a perfect connectivity to other relay nodes of the ISPPA
 members like #BCSH, #HRMS, #DIGI etc. and guarantees
best conditions for block production.

Plutus-Pioneers First Cohort Class Photo

I was one of the first pioneers of the plutus course
and learned a lot about building smart-contracts on cardano.

Pool infos


no minimum stake required

365.000 ADA

Pool ID for validation:

Your pool operator

Software engineer B. Eng.

I'm a student at Stuttgart University
working at my masters degree and as an employee fulltime.