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Monky protects the blockchain

Monky protects the blockchain

By staking your coins on [MONKY], you increase the value of a common consensus for all network transactions. With every new generated block by our pool, you will also getting rewarded. The reward depends on your amount of stake in relation to the total staked ada on monky.

Build up the future with us

  • get rewarded up to 16% p.a.
  • our nodes have an 24/7 uptime and are located in Germany
  • we build useful tools for the cardano community
  • we give you support in building your own smart contracts
  • we have a good slot competition WIN/LOSS ratio
Already produced nearly 1000 lifetime blocks and paid 1 Million ADA rewards to our delegators.

Pool specs:
Our servers are running on the following hardware:
  AMD Ryzen 7 1700X 8 Core / 64GB RAM
and use a bandwidth of 1GBit up and down.
We guarantee an uptime of 99.9%.


Stakepool Options

Basic pool
no minimum stake required
gain from our
pledge amount
225 000 ADA

Phillip Sailer
Software engineer B. Eng.
Stuttgart University